«Dimgent Technologies» is:

  • More than 20 years of experience.
  • More than 50 successfully completed projects.
  • Experienced specialists.
  • Guaranteed quality.
  • Short turn-around times.
  • Cost effective.

We can provide:

  • The full cycle of electronic devices development (from concept to finished product).
  • Provision of individual phases of development.
  • Completion of uncompleted projects which have already been started.


  1. Systems.
    • Control rooms with the use of the public telephone networks, GSM connection and radio channels with frequencies up to 900 MHz (for the use in various businesses: elevators, communal services (hydraulic lifting systems, engineering communications), water intake systems).
    • Automated microelectronic circuits testers, electronic boards testing.
  2. Tools.
    • Testers for microelectronic circuits, electronic boards testing.
    • Tools for archaeological and geological use (gradiometers, electronic probes).
    • Remote-reading gauges to collect information from sensors.
  3. Everyday technology.
    • Wireless headphones (for the hard of hearing and older persons).
    • Dimmers (remote control for lighting).
    • Radio extenders for electronic sensors, remote controls for garage gates, blinds etc.
  4. Medical devices.
    • Pressure and pulse meters.

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