We can provide:

  • The full cycle of electronic devices development (from concept to finished product).
  • Provision of individual phases of development.
  • Completion of uncompleted projects which have already been started.

«Dimgent Technologies» is:

  • More than 20 years of experience.
  • More than 50 successfully completed projects.
  • Experienced specialists.
  • Guaranteed quality.
  • Short turn-around times.
  • Cost effective.

Dimgent Technologies

Minsk, Belarus
development center

«Dimgent Technologies» is a group of specialists working in the sector of the development of electronic devices.

Dimgent Technologies Development Center: Minsk, Belarus.

We develop customized electronic devices.

Our company includes engineers, designers and programmers.

Our specialists have been creating electronic devices for more than twenty years.

We have developed and taken part in the development of more than 50 projects over this time.

«Dimgent Technologies» offers a comprehensive approach to the projects we work on. We can offer our clients both full-cycle electronic devices development (from concept to finished product) or carry out separate phases (developing the electric circuits of a device, software, drawings of printed circuit boards and so on).

Our aim:

We want our clients to be fully satisfied with the results of our work.
We work with our clients until the product is exactly the one they want it to be.
We can also offer ideas for changes and improvements of the product being developed in order to make it even better.

We have experience in various areas of electronic devices development, software development and circuitry design,

and in the development and manufacture of:

  • devices and embedded systems using microcontrollers and microprocessors;
  • analog electronic devices;
  • digital electronic devices (logical systems, programmable logical matrices, embedded systems);
  • telemechanics (telemetry and remote controls) using infra-red and radio channels (both industry standard protocols like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GSM, and non-standard protocols);
  • systems to digitize analog and speech signals;
  • software for various microcontrollers;
  • designs for printed circuit boards;
  • signal monitors for three-phase power circuits;
  • magnetic ferroprobe gauges (gradiometers) and electronic soil probes;
  • robotics;
  • automated systems to measure microchips and hardware devices;

We are happy to work on both large and small projects, for big or small enterprises.

We strive to ensure the lowest cost of the products we develop by careful selection of components (maintaining the balance between cost and quality).

The main reasons to choose us are cost-effectiveness, quick turn-around times and high quality!

// Dimgent Technologies

Electronics Development


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